There’s a key component that we haven’t talked about yet when it comes to strategic content creation and visibility and all those wonderful things. It’s a component I find most of my clients initially balk at… It’s SEO.

I know. It a little technical at first and knowing that may mean that you are already feeling that “Ugh” sinking feeling… but stay with me here, because SEO is game-changing.

In fact let’s back up!!

In case you don’t know what SEO is, I’m going to start at the beginning.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

“Search Engine” meaning Google, for example.

“Optimization” meaning optimizing the use of it.

The aim of SEO is to get your content showing as close to the top of the results given in Google (or any other search engine) when people search using keywords that relate to your business.

So, for example, if your website is all about Money Mindset for Solopreneurs and your SEO is working really, really well, then your website should be in the first few results (or at least on the first page) if I type “Money Mindset for Solopreneurs” in the Google Search Tab.

Sounds so simple, but can you see how this is a game changer?

When your SEO is on point and your content is strategically infused with select keywords, Google will match your content with those keywords when they are searched – and your content will pop up in front of your target audience. Right in front of their faces!

Now in case this feels a little overwhelming, let me tell you, I used to be clueless when it came to SEO.

I was working so hard on my business and had amazing content created and I so badly wanted to reach more of my target audience. List building was so time consuming (Do you notice that too?)

So it came down to this: I had to learn a better way…

Now, these days I am a Master at SEO. I can create a video for YouTube and have it show up as the top video in a Google search with huge numbers of plays just a couple of days later! No joke. The last video I created had 1500 views in less that 24 hours, and I ranked on the first page of google. That definitely beats hanging around in Facebook groups.

Or look at this video I did in June. I have a little over 50 views on this video, but rank on the first page of google AND got a $3500 client who found this video and watched it. Wowzers! The best part is this is all ORGANIC and FREE and WARM traffic.

Here’s the thing, I know the keywords to include to get the best results. I know where and how to place these keywords in my content to get the best SEO result and ALL of this is 100% above board. No tricks.

Obviously, there’s too much in this to teach you in one email, but I do in-depth training in SEO in ” The Momentum Lab”.

I literally teach everything I know about online business creation – by everything I mean how to create your signature courses, all about opt-ins and funnels, how to plan in your business, how to scale your business and lots more too.

And of course, there’s a deep, step-by-step training in SEO.

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