Today, I want to talk about how you can take strategic action to skyrocket your visibility, reach and impact.

Doesn’t that sound so good?

I’ll tell you some of my secrets and share some of my tricks with you!

So let’s get started!

Ok… You already know that I prepare in advance. I batch my content and I schedule it in advance so that I am able to appear visible all the time even on the occasional days when I am – in actual fact – watching Netflix in my onesie!!!

What I haven’t shared is…

Maria secret #1

How I do this so effectively – I create a theme for each month in advance.


I map out all the things I want to talk about in relation to this theme – all the videos I am going to make, the webinars I am going to do, the emails I am going to share (Yes – including this one you are reading right now).

Here’s why that works so well – Everything is cohesive! I’m not just scheduling random pieces of content. It is all planned out strategically, so I not only am visible, but it’s all on point and to plan.

Maria secret #2

I am very selective about the platforms I post on. I know where my audience is (Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to be exact).

I don’t give time to Twitter, for example, and you definitely won’t find me on Snapchat.

Am I excluding people? Yes!

And that’s ok! Because I am targeting my message in my way on the platforms I choose for the people who resonate with me and who love those platforms. And that works.

Also, I am very specific about what content I create for these platforms every week, and even on which day.

Added bonus to this – my whole team is on track with what I am doing, when and where!

So take a moment to consider:
·How can you make these secrets work for YOU in your business?
·What content is most important for YOU to generate?
·What do you want to talk about in YOUR business?
·Who do you want to reach?


·How can you start moving towards all of this today?