I want to get personal today and share with you all about why my self-care routine.

“But I thought August was about business, Maria?” I hear you say!

Here’s my golden rule for my business: NOTHING works unless I do.

If you need to write that out and stick it on your wall, please do, because it’s the key to everything!

I am at the core of my business. I need to be taking care of myself first, and really well, to be in the best energetic and mental space to take care of my business.

Not just to take care of my business, but to really be able to reach my potential.

First off, here’s how I prioritize self-care:

I like to do this first thing every morning. I wake up earlier than my family, specifically so I can have this personal time, this calm.

I like to do a little meditation, then I do some journaling. I love to focus on mindset work along with this. By mindset work what I mean is that I focus on what I am thankful for in my life and I focus on where I am going, what I want to create. I really feel these beautiful feelings in my body. That is my favorite element to my practice – how I feel is key. I like to surround myself with crystals and I love beautiful journals. I love this magical time of my day.

This is also when I set my goals.

A mistake I see many people make in their businesses is to set goals from a place of fear – what they feel they should achieve or what they see others achieve. The truth is that the reason we do anything in life is because we think it will make us happy. So it makes sense to set goals from an aligned and happy place.

It’s practical and common sense.

Just like with the idea of batching – which in it’s own way could be considered a self-care practice (work when you feel like working, schedule all for the time you don’t), you also want to keep self-care in mind with goal setting.

Here’s the truth: It’s one thing to lay out a fabulous plan of action, but you can’t be full-on focused and driven all the time. Life just doesn’t work that way. People don’t work that way. You don’t work that way.

So how should you set your goals then…?

In my next email I will share with you my unique method of goal setting – so watch for that.

For now, I would like you to think about how you can schedule your own self-care into your schedule. Make it non-negotiable, just as you would a meeting with a big client.

And also, about the idea of potential your greatest potential in life is always there. Have you been giving up on this a little? Have you been holding back? Or talking yourself out of what you know you really want?

In your self-care time, I invite you to reconnect with your biggest dreams – even with the ideas that may seem, at this point, a little “unrealistic”. It’s time to go deep here and dream your dreams. I tell you, it is the first step to reaching them. And I promise you – you will thank me for this! And your business will thank you too!

And then we’ll talk about your goals.

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