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Let’s talk about money. Eeeeek?!

Childhood money issues affect every aspect of our lives. Money is not just a static quantity. It flows and ebbs based on our feelings and our thoughts. Most people have childhood beliefs that have a profound affect on their money habits and the way they handle the responsibilities involved with their money.

These beliefs are often buried so deep in your subconscious mind that you have no awareness of them, but they can sabotage your efforts to be the person you want to be regarding your money.

I have also seen individuals driven to remarkable success as a result of unfortunate childhood financial situation. I am fortunate that this was the case in my life.

How is the way that you handle money similar to that of your parents?

What was the most important message your parents sent to you about money?

Don’t be afraid to explore the truth about money. It can be very scary, but also very rewarding.

What was your childhood like and how do your experiences affect your life now?
Exploring your childhood memories of money will have a tremendous payoff of less stress and confusion, and a deeper understanding of yourself and the way you fit into the world.

Step 1: In one word, describe the feeling you had about money as a child. Choose one of these or any other word that comes to mind

Step 2: Once you have picked a word, recall some memories that surround that word (this can be a painful process, but stay with me).

Step 3: Does that word still affect you today? Explain.Step 4: If you could go back to your childhood and replace the word you chose with a new word, what would it be? Why? How does that new word make you feel?




Now that we have discovered a word that represents how you felt about money as a child, let’s dig a little deeper. I have listed some very specific questions below. Please record your answers in your journal.

Remember to be open and honest. This exercise is designed to help you understand how, and why you feel the way you do about money.

Why did you choose that one word to describe your childhood?

How is the way you handle money similar to your parents?

Did you hear arguing over money as a child?

How did that make you feel?

Did you grow up hearing the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”?

Did you grow up thinking that your parents had lots of money or a little money?

What was the most important message your parents sent to you about money?

What’s your most significant memory about money (good or bad)?

Now that we understand the thoughts and emotions that surrounded money during childhood and their affect on us, it is time to discover some of the money fears we have presently.

Everyone has fears about money. Some of us worry that we won’t have enough money to pay our bills at the end of the month. Others worry that they will never be able to afford a vacation.

I know that for a long time I worried that I would outlive my money (my great grandmother lived to 103 -talk about good genes). We picture ourselves working as a Walmart greeter at age 85, while busy people blow past us, ignoring when we offer them a shopping cart. Oh well, by the time we’re 85 years old, they probably won’t even have human greeters. So then we worry that there won’t even be a job for us at Walmart.

We’ll obviously become unemployed bag ladies-or worse! Aren’t we good at driving ourselves nuts? I know many people that spend their days paralyzed by fear. The act of fearing things that are not even real can be eased. Once you face your money fears, you replace them with your money desires.

So, what are your money fears and desires? It is time to discover them; and this is how you will get there…