Today we’re going to talk about Goal Setting and I will share with you my own unique method of setting goals.

This is a game changer!

Are you ready?

I have a lot to share today so I’ll jump right in!

As I said in my last email… it’s important to set your goals from a good-feeling place (not a pressured or an irritated place). It’s important to be open and positive and confident when you are goal setting.

After that, here are my 5 magic steps to goal setting:

1.The first thing is – obviously – to decide what you want to set your goal around – is it a launch? Is it your sales? Is it changing your website/rebranding?

It’s ok to start general – we’ll be getting very specific in a minute.

  1. Next, you want to be clear about where you are in relation to the goal you are setting. This is because you are going to be tracking your results along the way. In order to measure your results, you need to be clear about your starting point.
  2. Now we are going to assign your goal to be either (what I call a) “DASH” or a “STRIDE” goal.

Can you see where I am going with this?


A goal set for a small period of time with a big amount

of hustle. I suggest a period of 30 days.

e.g. A launch might be a suitable DASH goal.


A goal set over a longer amount of time with a consistent, manageable amount of work. I suggest a period of 3 months/90 days.

e.g. A complete rebranding of your website might be a suitable stride goal.

  1. When you have assigned your goal to be either a DASH or a STRIDE goal, now it’s time to get really specific with your goal.

What is your ideal outcome?

What steps will it take for you to get there, to reach your ideal outcome?

Take your time to break down all the details and organize your ideas and thoughts into a logical order.

(Bonus tip – I like to set good/better/best outcomes here. It’s a nice way to measure how I’m doing and “Best” is also a nod to the “Potential” we’ve been talking about. Sometimes we don’t realize what we are capable of! Many times I have surpassed my “Best” goals.)

  1. Schedule the time you are going to spend on working on your goals in your calendar and stay on course – and don’t forget to track your results!

And there you go!

It makes so much sense doesn’t it?

With a DASH goal, you have the ability to use a big burst of energy and momentum and get a significant amount done. With a STRIDE goal, you can pace yourself and strategically work through a longer project.

Now, there are additional steps to support this – like setting up accountability and building a tribe, but I don’t have space in this email to go through them all.

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Let’s do this!