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Desire can be tricky to define, due to the fact that it means so many things to so many people. Some people view desire as a feeling that they come across every so often, whereas for others, it is a constant state of mind.

Desire is when a person’s wants and needs align and they decide that nothing will keep them from their goal.As much as we like to blame outside factors for our lack of success, in reality, we are the ones who end up stopping us.

That is why desire is so crucial to obtaining success and wealth. Without it, all we do is continue to make excuses for ourselves,

excuses that do not hold weight and serve to provide a barrier between our dreams and us.

If a person did not desire wealth and success, then they would never make the necessary changes in their life.

While many believe that they do not have to live any differently than they do now in order to see their wildest dreams come true, this is patently false. Doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result to come about is the definition of insanity.

What the vast majority of people do not realize is that there is a huge gulf between wishing for wealth and the desiring of wealth.

We have all wished for wealth at one point in our lives or another. Times get hard and we cross our fingers, hoping for a big satchel of cash to fall from the sky, or one of those sacks from the movies with the dollar signs written on the side.

But when you desire wealth, you are not just waiting, wishing and hoping.

You are taking true steps each and every day towards your goal and not allowing yourself to be waylaid by all of the usual excuses that people come up with when things haven’t gone the way that they are supposed to.




Desiring wealth is great, but having a certain level of clarity about these desires is just as crucial. Setting goals that you will be able to feasibly reach will ensure your success.

Perhaps you desire to make $1 million dollars per year, but you giveaway your services for free or like to volunteer a good portion of your time. In that case, tampering down your expectations keeps you from becoming too disappointed. When people allow life to let them down, they begin to abandon their dreams.

Once they make an effort and do not get where they are trying to go, everything changes. They no longer want to put in the extra time and effort.

1. Tell me about a time where you had a dream, goal, or desire, and you were never able to fulfill it. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Was I passionate about it?
2. Why didn’t I succeed?
3. Did I give up too easy when I was challenged?
4. What mistakes did I make?
5. What would I do different?
6. Do I still have this goal in the back of my mind?

2. Reflect below.