The Two Secret Ingredients I Use In My Business

Let’s talk about why Faith & Belief is instrumental to accomplishing any goals that you set for yourself. Faith and belief are the two secret (well not so secret anymore) ingredients that I use in my business to keep me focused and ALWAYS hitting my goals….even when everyone around me thought I couldn’t.

Guess what?! You can use these same ingredients to change the direction of your life and business. Just watch the video above to find out how I do it.


Nothing Works Unless You Do

Nothing Works Unless You Do

I want to get personal today and share with you all about why my self-care routine.

“But I thought August was about business, Maria?” I hear you say!

Here’s my golden rule for my business: NOTHING works unless I do.

If you need to write that out and stick it on your wall, please do, because it’s the key to everything!

I am at the core of my business. I need to be taking care of myself first, and really well, to be in the best energetic and mental space to take care of my business.

Not just to take care of my business, but to really be able to reach my potential.

First off, here’s how I prioritize self-care:

I like to do this first thing every morning. I wake up earlier than my family, specifically so I can have this personal time, this calm.


Goal Setting Demystified

Goal Setting Demystified

Today we’re going to talk about Goal Setting and I will share with you my own unique method of setting goals.

This is a game changer!

Are you ready?

I have a lot to share today so I’ll jump right in!

As I said in my last email… it’s important to set your goals from a good-feeling place (not a pressured or an irritated place). It’s important to be open and positive and confident when you are goal setting.

After that, here are my 5 magic steps to goal setting:

1.The first thing is – obviously – to decide what you want to set your goal around – is it a launch? Is it your sales? Is it changing your website/rebranding?


Skyrocket Your Visibility, Reach and Impact

Skyrocket Your Visibility, Reach and Impact

Today, I want to talk about how you can take strategic action to skyrocket your visibility, reach and impact.

Doesn’t that sound so good?

I’ll tell you some of my secrets and share some of my tricks with you!

So let’s get started!

Ok… You already know that I prepare in advance. I batch my content and I schedule it in advance so that I am able to appear visible all the time even on the occasional days when I am – in actual fact – watching Netflix in my onesie!!!

What I haven’t shared is…


Super Simple SEO

There’s a key component that we haven’t talked about yet when it comes to strategic content creation and visibility and all those wonderful things. It’s a component I find most of my clients initially balk at… It’s SEO.

I know. It a little technical at first and knowing that may mean that you are already feeling that “Ugh” sinking feeling… but stay with me here, because SEO is game-changing.

In fact let’s back up!!

In case you don’t know what SEO is, I’m going to start at the beginning.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

“Search Engine” meaning Google, for example.

“Optimization” meaning optimizing the use of it.

The aim of SEO is to get your content showing as close to the top of the results given in Google (or any other search engine) when people search using keywords that relate to your business.


Be Thankful For Failure

Be Thankful For Failure

As you and I both know, being in business can be very like being on an emotional rollercoaster! From your big dream at the beginning to the euphoria of getting your first client, the crushing feeling of a failed launch to the picking yourself back up and carrying on….

It’s not for the weak, that’s for sure!

I have lots and lots of experience with the entrepreneurial mindset – not just personally and through my clients, colleagues and masterminds – and this is what I’m going to talk to you about today.

Let’s start with the obvious – You need to have a strong mindset to reach your goals in your business.

You need to have deep self-belief, even when others don’t believe in you. It takes courage to put yourself out there. It takes resilience to keep trying and testing and tweaking until something you are working on WORKS. It takes strength to stretch yourself and to charge what you are worth.