As you and I both know, being in business can be very like being on an emotional rollercoaster! From your big dream at the beginning to the euphoria of getting your first client, the crushing feeling of a failed launch to the picking yourself back up and carrying on….

It’s not for the weak, that’s for sure!

I have lots and lots of experience with the entrepreneurial mindset – not just personally and through my clients, colleagues and masterminds – and this is what I’m going to talk to you about today.

Let’s start with the obvious – You need to have a strong mindset to reach your goals in your business.

You need to have deep self-belief, even when others don’t believe in you. It takes courage to put yourself out there. It takes resilience to keep trying and testing and tweaking until something you are working on WORKS. It takes strength to stretch yourself and to charge what you are worth.

You WILL meet resistance from those around you – even well-meaning friends and family – and this resistance may not be just when you start, but possibly every time you scale!

Other people do not have the same drive you do to challenge yourself or to serve or to create.
And only YOU know what is inside you.

When you work on your own business, sometimes you don’t have people there to see you, to acknowledge you and to applaud you.

Well I want you to know that I understand. I see you. I acknowledge you. I applaud you. And I am proud to stand beside you in your (and my) entrepreneurial journey.

I’ll tell you something I don’t easily share.

I have had my fair share of adversity in life. I overcame a very difficult and very turbulent childhood. I was a single mother at a young age. I had no money and to the outside world, it didn’t look like I had many prospects. At a time I felt lost, scared and alone. I didn’t know how life would turn out, but I did know the strength I had within me.

I worked to master my mindset through every obstacles and at every turn and I learned how to manifest bigger and better things for myself (I even manifested my husband!!!) – and now I am manifesting things for others too, especially through my philanthropy.

I have also helped thousands of people, through my groups and programs and services, to change their own mindsets, their own businesses and their own lives.

This is why I know that I can help YOU with whatever you need in your life. I can help you stay on focus, stay on track and reach your goals.

It’s ok to have ups and downs. It’s ok to have “failures”. In fact it can be a good thing to “fail” because failures are packed full of guidance. All that matters is that you pick yourself up and keep going.